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About Us

Crafting Timeless Architecture for You Since 1932

Founded in 1932 by L.M. Chitale, CHITALE & SON embarked on a journey to provide services in Planning and Architecture, along with related disciplines. From the very beginning, our core mission has always been to transform our clients' visions into reality while seamlessly blending aesthetic appeal, functionality, and cost-efficiency. Over the years, our repertoire has encompassed Architecture, Interior Design, and Project Management, adapting to state-of-the-art technological & relevant design standards.

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Years Of Practice

The firm is structured around the dynamic studio concept. Every project is nurtured by a Partner and a dedicated team that remains closely connected to our clients, guiding the project from inception to completion. This approach encapsulates the personalized touch of a boutique practice without limiting the benefits of developed resources.

Our firm steers clear of adhering to rigid stylistic conventions. We firmly believe that each building deserves a distinct identity, shaped by a clear and expressive design philosophy corresponding to its specific function and location.

With a legacy spanning nine decades...

The firm works in a spirit of total independence from all commercial and industrial interests. This achievement is solely a result of the enduring and steadfast relationships we've cultivated with our valued clients. Our passion for architectural integrity drives us forward to create an architecture that stands the test of time.

Creative Minds


PADMASHRI L.M. CHITALE (1892-1960), a distinguished architect and visionary. A Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Indian Institute of Architects, his legacy spans far beyond accolades, held an Associate title from the Town Planning Institute and a Fellowship in the Institution of Town Planning. Distinguished as the Chairman of the Board of Studies in Drawing and Architecture at Madras University (1940-1946) and contributed as a key Member of the All India Board of Studies and Regional Planning, Government of India (1960). His dedication to architecture inspires us to continue his legacy of innovation and transformative design

S.L. Chitale held esteemed titles in the field of architecture. He was a Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Indian Institute of Architects, and the Institution of Valuers.
His dedication extended to memberships of the Indian Council of Arbitration and the Board of Studies in Architecture & Planning at Anna University, Chennai. Additionally, he served as an Approved Valuer under the Ministry of Finance, exemplifying his esteemed contributions.

SUSHILA S. CHITALE, an honourable Fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects, being amongst the first Practicing Lady Architects in India recognized for her significant contribution in the architectural profession

KAPIL S. CHITALE, an accomplished Fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects with a Masters in Passive Solar Design. He also held Associate membership with the American Institute of Architects. Notably, he served as a Member on the Board of Studies in Architecture & Planning at Anna University, Chennai.